Are You Optimized?

What does it mean to be optimized?  To start with, let’s look at the definition of Optimize.

Optimize:            1) To make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible

                              2) To make the best of

                              3) To be optimistic

As I was considering names for my business, I kept coming back to this word.  It spoke to me on several levels. 

1) To make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible

The first definition mentions to make something as effective, perfect, or useful as possible.  This indicates that one must look at the situation.  There is not one solution for every company. 

What works for a $40 million retail company with multiple accounting staff is not going to work for a $100,000 new business with one office manager (who may or may not happen to be the owner’s spouse). 

So, when I work to make something as effective, perfect, or useful as possible, it is considering the existing resources, overall goals and desires, as well as what is needed. 

2) To make the best of

The second definition mentions to make the best of.  Note that this doesn’t say to make the best.  Again, it goes back to the situation and the varying factors at play.  Making the best of is very different than making the best or perfect situation.  Making the best of something considers the factors and situation.  It is also how I approach living my life with a four-year-old.  Not every day will be the best, or will be perfect, but I should make the best of every situation. 

3) To be optimistic

Finally, the third definition describes optimize as to be optimistic.  This too speaks to me with how to approach problems, challenges, and everyday life. 

So, I now turn the tables on you.  Is your business optimized?  Are your systems, procedures, and processes as effective, perfect, and useful as possible?  Are you making the best of your accounting and financial reporting?  Or more importantly, are you making the best of your business’ operations?  And finally, are you optimistic with regards to your business?

If you aren’t, I would love to be able to help you strive to be more optimized. 


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