Optimized CFO & Controller Services (OCFO) strives to fill in the financial gaps for both businesses and non-profit organizations. Businesses in all industries and complexities may have gaps in their accounting functions. OCFO works with the business’s own resources that are available to help provide accounting services at a variety of levels. OCFO clients range from single-owner consultants with no other bookkeeper or accountant, to multi-million businesses with internal accounting departments.

OCFO’s role as an outsourced accountant for businesses provides the business with a higher level of accounting knowledge at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CPA. OCFO strives to avoid tax return surprises to businesses, instead working to communicate accurate financial results on a more real-time basis throughout the year.

OCFO can help ensure businesses are on the right track with their accounting functions. This can include assistance with:

  • Accounting entries and reconciliations
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Budget generation and tracking
  • Forecasting and scenario planning
  • Tax return planning and filing
  • Accounting system design and clean-up
  • New entity selection and planning
  • Serving as a resource for the business’s internal accounting department
  • Other accounting duties that may be desired by the business

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