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We want to become a true partner and extension of your team.
When we say we're a 'modern' firm

we mean that we work a bit differently

Traditional Approach

The 'traditional' approach does not meet the demands of a growth oriented business owner or non-profit organization. 
We take a more holistic approach with an in-depth understanding of your business to provide you the financial clarity to unlock your growth potential.


Oftentimes, businesses aren't aware that they have a problem. Below are some signs that your back office accounting may NOT be fully optimized. If you answer yes to any of the below, you may be a good candidate for Optimized CFO & Controller Services LLC.



It is the 25th of the month before you get the prior month statements. Furthermore, it is even later, if ever, before you review them.



Bankers or other creditors question some of your accounts, and you cannot explain or answer.



You don't feel that your company benefits from the time spent reviewing the financial statements.



Your bookkeeper is overwhelmed with the day-to-day entry. So much that she is working overtime, living on coffee, and getting more stressed every day.
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Don't just take our word for it.


“Pete and his team are responsive and calm under pressure / large changes.” “I would highly recommend OCFO to any company looking to gain greater insight into their books and current financial health.”

Jeanna B.

“Everyone in the entire office is very helpful and quick to answer questions.” “The quality of service with OCFO has been great.”

Cameron P.

“Rebecca is easy to work with and responds to emails in a timely manner. When we have questions, she does a great job of explaining.” “We would highly recommend that other companies use OCFO for their accounting needs.”

Kaelob S.

“I have had great service; the staff is knowledgeable and are responsive to my questions.” “Glad I made the switch to OCFO!”

Lori N

“Stepping into a new CFO position, I highly expected a nonprofit with an interim CFO to have difficulty onboarding me and relaying the pulse of the organization. However, not only has Optimized provided professional and dedicated on-going support to the Boys & Girls Club of Columbia, but they were also able to on-board me as the new CFO to extent and depth of knowledge needed for this complex organization. They are flexible, experienced, and heart-centered. We highly recommend their awesome team. Specific shout out to Pete, thank you Pete for your professionalism, encouragement, patience, knowledge, and genuine care and support not only to our directors, but to our entire staff.”


“Rebecca has been amazing answering any questions that we have and provides great guidance on how to handle different accounting situations that may come up.”

Amy H.

“OCFO has helped our business by providing clarity and organization to help our leaders make wise and sustainable choices.” “Pete is the kind of accountant who feels so engaged and passionate about his work that he sometimes slips up and says ‘we’ when he’s talking about our business. Not all accountants are as involved in a level that they feel a part of what we’re doing, but OCFO is and we love that about you guys.”

Courtney M.

“Rebecca is absolutely one of a kind. With her easy-going nature, combined with a strong sense of accuracy, guidance, and support, she makes accounting fun!” “Overall our satisfaction rate is 100%+”

Betsy J.

“We could not love Rebecca or OCFO more!” “Rebecca is unbelievably talented and knowledgeable as an accountant, but my favorite part of working with her is that she is such a wonderful communicator.”

Megan S.

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