Optimized CFO & Controller Services offers controller services for your business so that you can get back to your business.

Controller services expand on the basic accounting services to provide more insight into the numbers. OCFO is here to help you with our controller services.

Critical Thinking Without Hiring A Full-Time Controller

A company’s controller is the chief accounting officer and is responsible for overseeing all accounting functions of the company. Whereas the CFO considers every financial and operating function of the company, the controller focuses on the day-to-day aspects of costs and accounting.

Alleviate Frustrations With Your Accounting Department By Outsourcing your Controller


We can help your business or nonprofit with:

Insight into the financial statement numbers
Helping to serve as a resource for internal accounting or finance team members
Budget creation & monitoring
Access to critical-thinking accountant without hiring a full-time controller
Trended budgeting
Helping business owners and managers understand what the financial statements are telling them

Optimize Your Accounting

Ensure you have insights to help move your business forward.

Understand Results

The controller can serve as a middle communicator of the numbers (financial statements) and the business owner or manager, helping to provide clarity and understanding.

Access To Critical Thinking

You’ll have another perspective on the financial statements and processes that can offer higher-level insights and suggestions.

Free Up TIme

Outsource financial statement preparation and budgeting to us so that your team is free to pursue strategic projects. 

Get A Controller working for you

You’ll have the technical subject matter expertise to oversee the financial statements without the expense of a full-time hire.

Business Scenario


Meet Mary

Mary is the manager for a real estate company. Aside from Mary, there are several accounting staff that handle the day-to-day transactions. But Mary doesn't think the financial statements make sense. The company continues to run out of cash, even though occupancy rates are high. The bank has also been questioning some of the expense accounts.Mary is a good candidate for an Outsourced Controller Services engagement. Mary's team can handle the day-to-day operations.
However, Mary needs a little help with the month-end close and reviewing the financial statements. Using outsourced controller services, Mary optimizes her accounting. She meets monthly to review the financial statements. Any obvious errors or questionable accounts are looked at, and Mary is now fully confident in understanding the financials, and quickly able to answer any questions from her banker.

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