Accounting Services

Optimized CFO & Controller Services knows that you’re busy with the day-to-day running of your business. Small business owners and nonprofit leaders have a lot of roles to play – and accounting typically isn’t one at the top of the list.

Let Optimized CFO & Controller Services help get your financial goals back on track with our customized accounting services.

Whether you need regular accounting assistance like reconciling your monthly accounts, or a one-time training session for your employees, OCFO is here to help you get back to your business.

Recurring Outsourced Accounting Services

Need optimized accounting services on a recurring basis? We can help your business or nonprofit with:
Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations
Period-end balance sheet tie out and adjusting journal entries
Preparation of clean financial statements
Surface-level analysis of financial statements (prior year or prior period comparison)
Tax return support or preparation


One-Time Outsourced Accounting Services can help your business or nonprofit with:

Initial accounting system design and implementation
Software training
Accounting system cleanup
Troubleshooting inventory and cost of goods sold issues
Real world flow vs. software flow for accounting processes
Revising and streamlining financial reporting and daily flash reports
Serving as a temporary fill-in for your accounting department (short-term medical leave or personnel turnover)

Business Scenario

Eliminate Your Accounting Frustrations

Meet Joe

Joe owns a manufacturing company that is growing. Sales are exceeding expectations every year, and growth is almost too fast to plan for. From the outside, Joe's company is doing well, constantly adding new customers. However, the back office is a mess. There is only one bookkeeper, who is overwhelmed with recording daily entries and is not caught up. It is March and Joe still doesn't have year-end financials from December. There are also cash flow issues, which confuse Joe.
Joe is a good candidate for an Optimized Accounting Solution to not only clean up the existing mess but make process enhancements so Joe's back office can continue to support his growing business. Optimized CFO & Controller Services steps in to help get Joe's back office cleaned up. Rebecca designs better processes for Joe's bookkeeper to follow. She is now caught up with the financials, and is able to provide month-end statements to Joe within 10 days of month-end.

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