Optimized CFO & Controller Services

Optimized CFO & Controller Services provides CFO services to give your business a financial edge. CFO Services leverage our expert and tailored advice, optimized financial processes, and modern technology so you have the financial clarity on your capital and resource needs to make smart and informed decisions to keep you on track to achieve your business goals.

Executive Level Decision-Making without Hiring a Full-Time CFO

Whether you need regular accounting assistance like reconciling your monthly accounts, or a one-time training session for your employees, OCFO is here to help you get back to your business.

Keep A Constant Pulse

Keep a constant pulse on your capital and resource needs to make informed and smart business decisions.

Make Informed Decisions

With a detailed view of your company’s performance, you’ll set a strategic direction that is based on evidence, maximizes return on investment, and minimizes risks.

Monitor Performance

Your company’s performance changes over time. With a budget and regular variance analysis, you’ll stay connected and ready to adapt to change.

Minimize Risks

Make critical decisions with a solid grasp of your company’s financial position. Our financial models give you a clear projection of your capital so you can back your decisions with data and reduce risk.

Manage Cash Flow

With an operating budget and financial forecast you can allocate income, pay obligations on time, and predict your cash position far into the future.


You’ll have the technical subject matter expertise to implement strategic transformation without the expense of a full-time hire. 


A company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the most senior financial executive and is responsible for the overall finances of the entire business and its operations.

This is where Optimized CFO can help unlock your business potential:

More in-depth analysis of financial statements
More complex (departmental or class) or custom budget creation & monitoring)
Cash flow projections & monitoring
Financing decision assistance
Strategic planning (not just accounting)
Loan packaging for term debt and lines of credit
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Access to key strategic financial assistance without hiring a full-time CFO
Helping business owners and managers use the financial statements to make forward-looking decisions

Business Scenario


Meet Sam

Sam owns a retail company that is deciding whether to expand to a second location. The first location has done very well, leasing a building downtown. The company's internal accountant produces monthly financials. Sam is just starting the process of looking at different sites and build vs. lease options for the second location. Sam wants to grow the company as fast as possible.
However, Sam hasn't really stopped to consider the financial impact if he builds a new facility. Sam is a good candidate for an Outsourced CFO engagement. Sam will not only benefit from the creation of a budget, but also may need cash flow projections and monitoring as he grows his company. It is worthwhile to have a CFO on the team, along with Sam and the internal accountant, as many impactful decisions will be made during the expansion process.

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