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Central Missouri Dermatology (CMD) provides diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, and nail diseases. It focuses on comprehensive dermatologic care for patients of all ages in mid-Missouri. The primary office is in Columbia, with satellite offices in Jefferson City, Boonville, Mexico and Moberly.
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CMD transitioned away from a professional employment organization (PEO) and reached out to OCFO to help with the accounting side of that transition and assist with the preparation of monthly financials. The goal was for the process to have as little impact on the business, its employees and its patients as possible. Jeanna Basnett of CMD said, “OCFO has been instrumental in assisting us with a major transition. Pete’s broad knowledge base, level-headedness and insight have given us the tools to make necessary changes with confidence.”

Prior to the transition, CMD was having issues with financial transparency and accuracy and felt as though it wasn’t taking advantage of current financial technologies. OCFO focuses on listening to and working with clients to provide the information they need. As part of this project, OCFO led a financial software transition to help with these issues.

One thing that sets OCFO apart is its communication. When asked what she likes best about OCFO, Jeanna said, “We appreciate that we can easily get in touch and problem-solve without long wait times. Pete and his team are responsive and calm under pressure and with large changes.” OCFO is committed to strong communication and believes that commitment sets it apart from other accounting firms. OCFO meets with CMD’s practice manager weekly to check in and answer any questions.

A strong relationship quickly grew between OCFO and CMD because of the large transition and needs that CMD was experiencing. It was necessary to act immediately and precisely to ensure CMD could seamlessly continue to operate. Since the transition, OCFO has continued assisting with the preparation of monthly financials and training of CMD staff. 

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